Ancestral Connection and Healing through Dress: Minoan-Inspired Outfits by a Modern Day Cretan Person

One of the main ways I’ve been connecting to my ancestors is through fashion. Ancient Cretan fashion, to be exact. From Minoan-inspired jewelry and hairstyles, to patterned dresses and cropped cardigans, I’ve attempted to recreate the attire of the Minoans based off the dozens of frescoes I’ve seen in person and online. While my attempts are imperfect in various ways, the act in and of itself has been powerful and soul-awakening.

Outfit #1: Blue Color Palette (Inspired by the Dolphin Fresco)

The earrings are replicas of the Malia Pendant (Minoan Bee pendant), which were gifted to me by my coven αδερφή and crafted by Greek Ancient Jewelry. The dolphin pendant is based off the Dolphin Fresco and was crafted by Plato’s Fire (same with the golden rosette in my hair).

The original Malia Pendant, 1800-1650 BCE (Wikimedia Commons)

Minoan Outfit #2: Red Color Palette (Inspired by The Griffin Fresco and Throne Room)

The Labrys Snake Goddess pendant was crafted by Dragonscale Jewelry. At the time, I didn’t have any Minoan-related earrings, so I wore my Athena coin earrings from I added some red ribbon to the sleeves of my cropped cardigan via my minimal sewing skills. The bare-chested look was a bit bold (not to mention freeing), so I also opted for some more coverage as well, which didn’t seem to be the case in most frescoes.

These outfits will be further refined in time, but for now, which of the two do you prefer?


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