Ravyn Arkakis
Ραίηβυν Αρκάκης

Greco-American Knowledge Seeker, Minoan Mystic, Poet

Hello and welcome! First and foremost, this blog is a platform for me to explore my ancestral roots (especially the maternal side who is Cretan). I’ve decided to document my findings of all things Minoan so those who are interested in the inherent magick of this unique ancient civilization can join me on this journey.

Throughout my life, I have been to Crete over a dozen times, and I’ve had the opportunity to visit various ancient sites, including The Palace of Knossos (see the gallery below). Ever since, I have been researching it on and off, but recently, it’s all I seem to focus on. Between countless synchronicities and intuitive nudges that somehow seem to point me towards the right direction, it’s been a whirlwind of discovery for me. So, I’d like to post these findings as I go (that are based off credible sources and my personal experiences) to try to connect others with the energy of Ancient Crete.

Of course, there are gaps in the knowledge of this civilization due to various factors like natural disasters (the volcanic explosion at Thera) and invasions (from the Mycenaean Greeks especially) that have destroyed innumerable artifacts. Plus, I’m not a scholar or archeologist, so this website shouldn’t be considered an 100% accurate resource at all times. Although, I am trying my best to conduct research from sources that are more objective and don’t overly romanticize Minoan culture as some utopia. Also, if a little personal gnosis is involved, I try to confirm it via outside means to avoid any false assumptions/conclusions.

And in case you were wondering, Magissa means “sorceress” in Greek. I am in fact magickally-inclined, so I’ll also be sharing ways for others to implement some Minoan aspects into their daily lives or mystical practice.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

P.S. “Arkakis” is a pen name. It’s a combination of my married name and mother’s last name as a way to honor my Cretan roots.

*All these photos are my own so please don’t post them elsewhere without permission & credit. Thanks!
*Also please note that Arthur Evans, one of the primary excavators of Knossos, implemented some controversial reconstructions that don’t align with Minoan standards, so what you see above isn’t completely what the Minoans saw…

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